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Retrofitting Senior Living Communities with New Technologie

  Many community operators believe that retrofitting facilities with new technologies is simply too expensive, and offers little return on investment. However, costs have decreased dramatically in recent years, making it[KM1]  affordable and widely available . Now, oOlder buildings can now easily be transformed into high-tech smart facilities. 


What is a smart building?

You may also also hearhave heard  smartthese facilities being referred to as intelligent, integrated, or automated buildings. They are generally defined as properties containing some programmable, computer computer-controlled systems in vital areas like security, telecommunications, and HVAC.



You don’t need to retrofit every part of a facility at once. Select the once ones that are most beneficial to the community’s specific needs. This requires community leaders to evaluate the areas where technology is supremely useful. Take baby steps by, implementing one new system at a time. Incremental upgrades often permit retrofitting without needing to replace current equipment.

 The empire Empire state State building Building [KM2] retrofit project is a perfect example of a strategic upgrade. Building operators started with 70 potential systems to update. They narrowed it those systems down to the eight areas that would provide the most benefit. Within just three years, their operating costs were reduced by 38%. 



A few years ago, smart lighting costs were around $120 per unit. Now, you can purchase these same items for $50 each. Intelligent building automation systems are less expensive and more available than ever before. As integration of these products increases, prices continue to drop. Intelligent buildings are estimated to have 8% lower annual operating costs. Most retrofit investments pay for themselves within one year. The equipment and components to upgrade are not only cost-effective, they but are typically simple to install. Adding smart technology generally does not require you to tear down walls or make structural changes to the property. The “Internet of Things” allows people to easily implement technology into their homes, offices, vehicles, and health care facilities.


Common retrofit systems

Retrofit projects come in all shapes, sizes, and investment levels. The most frequent upgrades include the following:

  • Lighting –: smart Smart lights provide enormous energy savings. Most systems include automated controls, occupancy sensors, plug upgrades, and energy usage reports.
  • Security –: Intelligent security systems offer sophisticated solutions, including RTLS (real time tracking location systems (RTLS[KM3] ), visual recognition, and data analytics.
  • Energy efficiency:  – Smart energy systems save communities a tremendous amount of money. These systems allow for more control overf energy usage. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are cost-effective as well.



The first step in creating a smart facility is to acquire wireless Iinternet access. This can be challenging in older structures. Some building materials commonly used in the past create interference for Wwi-fi Fi signals. Concrete walls, metal pipes, and even certain types of paint can cause problems. Additionally, older buildings do not have adequate wiring to support multiple Internet access points.


Overcoming these obstacles is not inconceivable. it’s It’s important to first note the areas needing wWi-Ffi. You must then evaluate the property and pinpoint any “dead zones.” Once you locate these spots, you can add hardwired access points. This may be problematic in some spaces. So, aA less intrusive way to boost a wiWi-fi Fi signal is through “webbing” or “meshing” technologies. These systems help to extend wiWi-fi Fi signals without additional hardwired access points.


Modern structures are built with technology in mind. However, older buildings also have the capacity to become high-tech intelligent buildings. Retrofitting a senior living community to handle cutting-edge technology is certainly not as challenging as some might believe. Once you have weighed the benefits against the initial expenses, you will likely find that making such improvements is worth the effort.

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