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Car Service Specifically for Seniors "GoGoGrandparent"

 We've all heard about Lyft and Uber. But how do we help our elderly loved ones when we can't do it ourselves? Gogograndparent is a great, hands-free alternative to Uber! This groundbreaking transportation network company is a low-cost, fast, and efficient transportation service that can be used from a landline or a flip phone. Unlike Uber and Lyft, Gogograndparent does not require it's users to have a smartphone or a data plan! According to research, less than 1% of Uber's customers are over 65, and more than 70% of seniors do not own a smartphone. This information defines the problem, being accessibility. Because technology is processing so rapidly, it is difficult for our elderly population to keep up with it. While ridesharing services are a simple task for younger individuals, using a smartphone is often difficult and frightening for seniors.  

 Until now, these transportation services were inaccessible to individuals without smartphones. This hands-free technology eliminates problems such as missed canceled ride notifications, accidentally ordering a ride to the destination as opposed to the starting point, and more. Before Gogograndparent, one out of four rides would fail due to driver or user error. With services such as Uber and Lyft, your drivers can have a negative personality, get lost, have a car that is too big or too small, cancel without notice, and even require you to enter an address into the GPS at each step of your journey. Gogograndparent is unique in the aspect of their monitoring, as they monitor your rides and drivers based on your pre-defined requirements.  

Within seconds of the trip being accepted by one of Gogograndparent's authorized and licensed Transportation Network Companies driver, Gogograndparent checks for the client's requirements. For example, if the driver is comfortable with older adults or the elderly, is the trunk large enough for packages or a wheelchair, is the car too big or small to accommodate an individual with ambulatory ailments, etc. Once Gogograndparent finds a driver that meets you or your loved one's requirements, they will initiate communication with the driver through the rider's ride-sharing app, including phone calls and text messages to ensure the driver is comfortable with their client.  


Once a licensed driver accepts the trip, Gogograndparent monitors the ride for problems such as GPS malfunction, the driver getting lost, and many more issues. When the trip is over, the driver sends confirmation messages to authorized family members and friends. Then, Gogograndparent will follow up with the caller to ensure the trip was completed safely.  While foldable wheelchairs and walkers are no problem for the drivers, your loved one will need to be able to transfer themselves into the car without assistance.  Gogograndparent will check with the driver to make sure they are sufficient for meeting that request. 

 Are you wondering how much it costs? Gogograndparent will charge a small concierge fee along with the vender's fare. This concierge fee goes towards the cost of Gogograndparent's 24/7 call center. However, While this rarely happens, Transportation Network Companies have different fees based on demand and zip code. One charge for two items is applied to your on-file credit card following the trip: Gogograndparent's fee for calling and monitoring Transportation Network Company, and the ride fare TNC charges you for the ride. No-show and  cancellation fees will also apply. These no-show fees can easily be avoided by calling the recommended 15 minutes in advanced.    

  In states such as California, for example, the state has a mandatory background check for drivers, require modern vehicles, they do not allow anyone that has a drunk driving conviction from the last 7 years to drive, and more. By only using licensed and state regulated drivers, these ride-sharing services accessible by the entire population.  Customers are also given the option to communicate with caring adults who will accommodate any special requests or questions you may have. There has never been a more convenient way for older individuals to request a ride! You can call Gogograndparent's 24/7 call center for more information.  


 Written by Senior Tech News journalist Haley Sanderson 2018