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Videoconferencing Tech for Seniors

 Videoconferencing was once just a neat idea experienced only in science fiction movies. Now, it's a part of our everyday reality. Young people are especially prone to using this technology. They rarely make traditional phone calls anymore. With Skype and Face Time so prevalent, conventional phone calls are being tossed in to the relic bin, fading into the past alongside rotary dial   

Skynet Healthcare

Skynet Healthcare Tech Improving Senior Care

 Senior care communities strive to provide the best possible care for residents. With the growing number of aging individuals, it becomes a struggle for community operators to provide top-quality services. Many facilities now embrace technology as a solution. Skynet Healthcare Technologies offers one such innovation that improves quality of care in significant ways.  

seniors tech trends

Top Tech Trends in Senior Living

  People have always been the focus of the senior care industry. With resident-centered care as the driving force, it's logical that human interaction is a top priority. The care-giving workforce has traditionally been the foundation of quality care. Community leaders look to their human capital to solve problems. But the growing demand for senior care puts a strain on care providers, and leaders are embracing technological 

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